Student Beans Partnership

Saalt is on a mission to make period poverty a thing of the past. As a committed B Corp, we donate 2% of every purchase, giving period care to areas with the most need, funding initiatives in menstrual health and girls education, and focusing on sustainability initiatives. Through our work, we’ve noticed one population that commonly experiences period poverty, and is frequently overlooked: college students.

According to a recent study, 1 in 10 college students who menstruate struggle every month to afford or find adequate products to manage their period. Every single month! Talk about a distraction during that biology final exam–sheesh! The study also found that experiencing period poverty just once in the past year made it over 18% more likely for the person to also experience symptoms of moderate to severe depression. This clearly shows that menstrual health and mental health go hand-in-hand.

That’s why Saalt is very excited to announce our partnership with Student Beans. Now, all college students can receive a continuous discount code for all Saalt goodies. That means 10% off all Saalt Cups, Saalt Discs, and Saalt Wear for a fully sustainable period. Join to get your discount! Saalt Cups and Discs are designed to last 10 years with proper use and care, so say goodbye to the tampon aisle (and the monthly cost) by switching to a menstrual cup or disc. Our period underwear, Saalt Wear, is a great backup to your inserted products, or for when you want to free flow. Toodaloo to pads, too!

We hear from college students all the time that after switching to Saalt, they often forget they’re even on their period. Instead of doing period math, (# of tampons /#hours + days left of period + daily to-do list = headache) focus on your actual math class and ditch the disposables with Saalt.

Our Saalt Coaches would love to answer any questions you may have! TMI is always welcome here at Saalt. Feel free to email us at or text us at 775-23-SAALT.