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Find the best period care for your most comfortable period.
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91% never go back

91% of first-time cup users choose cups over pads and tampons and recommend to friends.

Here's why:

"Amazing! I've used another cup for just over a year. My new saalt cup is so much better - easier to insert, comfier, seals better and easier to clean."

- Lizzy M.

"Never going back. I've been using the diva cup for over five years and I"m officially a convert. Saalt is so much softer and fits so much better!"

- Anelise L.

"I have finally found a cup that works for me. I have tried 3 or 4 other cups before this one. Using the quiz on their website I was able to find the cup that fits me and now I feel comfortable using a cup!"

- Kiara S.

Period Bliss Guarantee

We're here to get you to period bliss. If you're not happy with your Saalt product, we'll send you a replacement you'll love or your money back. Learn More.

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