Period Euphemisms

Here at Saalt, we don’t hush period talk–even in the library. Talking openly about what’s going on with our body is vital for our health. We get that this is easier said than done, since period talk has been taboo for millennia. The problem is, real health issues are swept aside under an array of euphemisms. Instead of saying, “Phew! It looks like I’m at the end of my luteal phase and I notice that I’m a bit more impatient than normal,” we’ve gotten used to explaining symptoms away as “just that time of the month.” How many of these sayings have you heard or used yourself?

Oh, I can’t go swimming. It’s shark week.

Wow, my roommate is so crabby. Must be the crimson wave. 

Sorry, Doctor. I’m not exactly sure when Aunt Flo last visited. 

Don’t worry about me, there are communists in the funhouse. (This last one probably only applies to you if you’re Danish– points for creativity!) 

The bottom line is, having a period should not be offensive, embarrassing, or automatically disqualify you from living the life you want to live. Using euphemisms while talking about periods contributes to menstrual health concerns and experiences being ignored. Periods are a vital health sign, and not talking about our experiences leads to people suffering unnecessarily. It’s important to lean into conversations around menstrual health and use language that empowers all of us with a period. 

It’s especially important to talk about periods directly and honestly when it comes to any health concerns. Find a doctor that listens to you and doesn’t dismiss your questions about your menstrual health experience. 

After all, half of us on the planet experience periods and we’re all here because of periods! So why all the hush hush? Let’s bring uteruses out of the dark ages and quit the taboo talk around periods.